Joy Czerwonky - Live Events


Joy has produced world music symphony concerts and videos featuring international recording artists and 70+ piece symphony orchestras conducted by Case Scaglione (NY Philharmonic) and culminating in recording a world premiere record at Warner Bros to be released in late 2011. Joy personally contracted and managed the orchestra and oversaw the original composition of a new concerto, which has now been played by the major orchestras of China and performed in Los Angeles as well as in numerous cities throughout China. 


In 2011, Joy was involved in organizing and producing an international environmental summit in Nanjing, China to help factories in the energy storage industry in China stop polluting the environment and stop poisoning their workers and the villagers in the regions surrounding factories. Joy worked with BCI and the speakers to develop the topics, presentations and articles. She also served as the U.S. liaison for CEEIA, a division of the Chinese central government. Over 300 local and central government officials and factory owners and managers attended the Summit.  


Training Seminars

         Training Seminars: Joy managed speakers and seminars for the Education Advancement Institute, which involved booking speakers, venues and advertising as well as writing/editing books, training manuals and newsletters.