Joy Czerwonky - Feature Films

Film Producer / Line Producer

Joy has extensive experience in film and TV production accounting and in preparing breakdowns, schedules, budgets and financing proposals. She has produced/line produced nine independent features, five short films and numerous commercials. She has also consulted on various other film, TV and documentary projects, providing development input, script notes, business plans, Movie Magic breakdowns, schedules, budgets and packaging. She has comprehensive hands-on experience in all aspects of the business from writing to packaging to production through post into distribution and to delivery. In addition, Joy has run both typical independent shoots with a very minimal crew and only a few actors as well as more traditional productions with name-talent. 


Some of the actors Joy has worked with include: Cuba Gooding, Jr., John Goodman, Lee Majors, Joe Pantoliano, Mars Callahan, Jamie Kennedy, Sean Astin, Anne Heche, Ricky Ullman, Gina Gershon, Matthew Lillard, Tamala Jones, Jud Tylor, Mako, Jennifer Rubin, Danny Trejo, Louie Anderson, Paul Mazursky, Danny Nucci, Colin Mochrie, Jo Bolgna, Richard Sarafian, Peter Graves, Kari Wurher and C. Thomas Howell. 


Joy runs crews of 45 to 300+ members and has shot on HD, 35mm, Super 35mm and Super 16mm. Her projects have been theatrically released, won awards and run on the major cable and tv networks. Joy has worked with large casts, unions, hundreds of extras, numerous locations, children, animals, SFX, VFX, green screens, stunts and super tight shooting schedules. Joy can effectively deliver a quality product in an efficient manner no matter what the budget.