Joy Czerwonky Accountant

Accounting & Business Consulting

Joy also has over 10 years of experience in financing, auditing, consulting, troubleshooting and/or managing companies. Her experience includes a variety of sizes of companies ranging from the small family run business using “shoe-box” accounting practices to complex multinational conglomerates with an army of CPAs. Joy’s experience encompasses companies in various stages of their business life cycles ranging from start-ups to high growth companies to those in bankruptcy. 

Diverse Experience

Joy  has been involved in over 70 companies in over 40 industries.  For almost every job and every project, it has been necessary for her to extensively research not only the specific company or niche, but also the corresponding market, industry, standard operating procedures and history. 


Joy has written numerous business, marketing, financial, economic and industry analysis, plans and proposals based on her research.